For the past

Laramie County Community College has transformed students’ lives through the power of inspired learning.

Shared Passion

Our campus is a place where students come together and celebrate a shared passion for their chosen career path.

Lifelong Learning

It’s a space where lifelong learners can pursue the joy of learning a new skill—or of perfecting an existing one.

Meeting Future Needs

It’s a buzzing, ever-growing, always-evolving piece of Wyoming that, with your help, can transform to meet the needs of our community for the next 50 years and beyond.

On November 6th, your vote plays a key role in our ability to renovate and expand our educational facilities.

We have a well-thought-out plan to transform our campus.

We have a smart budget that makes the best use of our funds.

We even have half of the necessary funds already lined up!

But to truly transform our campus, what we need is your support.
Here’s what you need to know before you vote.

What will the funds make possible?

To make the best use of our budget, our renovation and expansion plan blends investing in the facilities we already have with building new areas to enhance our campus.

Currently, Laramie County Community College is the only community college in the state of Wyoming without a dedicated auditorium space. Through new construction, we’ll create a public event space where LCCC can host performances, exhibits, speakers, assemblies and receptions.

This space will include:

  • A modern, 400-seat auditorium (see rendering)
  • Support spaces for the auditorium
  • Lobby and restroom space outside of the auditorium
  • The Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery, relocated from its current location

By transforming our space to include the auditorium, our campus can attract special events and festivals that—on top of our regularly scheduled plays and performances — provide an opportunity to strengthen local economic development, further diversify our regional economy, and enhance our community’s quality of life.

Through renovation of our existing building/facilities, we’ll be able to perform crucial upgrades such as:
• Meeting codes to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),
making the building a safe and accessible environment for people with disabilities
• Replacing failing, outdated air conditioning and heating systems
• Modernizing and updating electrical systems

(To learn more about the updates to these spaces in greater detail, click here.)

The total cost of the project — a combination of new construction and renovations to our existing facilities— is approximately $14 million.

Toward that, the Wyoming State Legislature has already appropriated $7 million — dependent on our ability to match those funds through local and private resources.


$7 Million

appropriated by the Wyoming State Legislature.

$1 Million

has been raised by the LCCC Foundation.

$6 Million

with voter approval, will come from a one mill levy.

Without approval of the one mill levy, we can’t match the funds from the Legislature – and if we don’t match those funds, we’ll lose them completely.

How will approval affect your taxes?

First things first: What’s a mill levy?

A mill levy is a property tax that is based on the assessed value of a property. The rate of this tax is expressed in mills.

Calculate your estimated tax impact:

Enter Your Estimated Assessed Property Value

Your Estimated Tax Impact Per Year


Your Estimated Tax Impact Over 4 Years


*Calculator is for estimating purposes only and doesn’t not represent actual tax information.

In return for your investment, our community will be able to match (not lose) the state and private funding appropriated to this project, and you’ll be part of preserving and protecting educational facilities and programs for current and future generations.

Let’s say, for example, you own a home valued at $250,000. For that property, an additional one mill (the amount we’re asking voters to approve on Nov. 6) would cost you approximately $24 per year ($96 over four years, which is the length of this levy), or about $2 per month. If you live in a home that costs less than that amount, you’ll pay even less!

As a community, we have much to gain from approval of the mill levy—but we have even more to lose if it doesn’t pass.

Would you rather…


Our facilities, which are in disrepair and will likely become unusable in the near future

Economic opportunities, due to our lack of space to host performances, speakers, and events

Our youth, who choose to go to other communities that better serve their needs

$8 million dollars ($7 million from the state, $1 million from private funding) in funding

Current price, as each year we wait, project costs become more and more expensive

...or GAIN?

Expanded, modernized facilities to serve our students and community for decades to come

Ability to attract events that will add to the local economy and quality of life

Vibrancy and appeal that inspires the younger generation to stay and raise families here

$8 million dollars ($7 million from the state, $1 million from private funding) in funding

Competitive community college with facilities above or on-par with others in the state

What economic benefits does LCCC add to our region?

$37.5 Million

From an economic standpoint, our campus’ day-to-day operations add more than $37.5 million to our regional economy each year.


$129 Million

Past and present LCCC students generate more than $129 million in added income for the region.

$3 for Every $1

For every $1 invested in LCCC from a taxpayer’s perspective, LCCC returns nearly $3 back to the community!

(Source: The Economic Value of Wyoming Community Colleges, Main Report, March 2016)

By approving this mill levy, you’re saying

to enriching the educational experiences of our students.

to accommodating the needs of our students and our community.

to transforming our campus for the benefit of our economy, our future students, and our county.

Together, We Can

Here’s how our proposed mill levy will look on the ballot:

Shall Laramie County Community College District be authorized to levy an additional one (1) mill on the assessed value of the District (Laramie County) for the purpose of renovating and expanding educational facilities as allowed by state law? The one (1) mill would be in effect for four (4) years and is necessary in order for LCCC to receive $7 million in state funding currently authorized by the legislature. Without this one (1) mill levy, the $7 million in funding from the legislature will be lost.

Show Your Support!

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