Once transformed through new construction and renovations, our upgraded and expanded educational facility will include:

  • A 400-seat auditorium where we can host music performance, guest artists, campus speaker series, and other academic- and community-related performances and assemblies
  • Support spaces for the auditorium, including a control booth and loading area that can support both campus and community programming
  • Relocation of the Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery, complete with reinforced walls to support hanging works; updated lighting and media support (so the space can showcase a wide variety of media and disciplines); and the ability to share the auditorium lobby for gallery openings/events
  • Instructional/rehearsal facilities and support spaces for music and theatre, including a large, high-volume rehearsal studio with acoustical treatment; a piano lab; a music technical lab; a theatre ensemble classroom to support both instruction and rehearsal; and dressing rooms to be utilized both as production support space and as instructional spaces (for makeup and costume design/fabrication); relocated visual arts classroom spaces with more natural light and loading access/exterior egress for the ceramics studio; and a dedicated, covered kiln yard
  • Remodeled office space for the facility’s faculty members, plus a bullpen for adjunct faculty members
  • Relocating PR and the printing shop to allow effective collaboration with the LCCC Foundation and institutional advancement

Within the existing facility, we’ll also upgrade the finishes, lighting, and flooring in hallways, offices, bathrooms, and classrooms.

History of the Facilities

It was 1982 when we welcomed our Fine and Performing Arts facilities to campus. In addition to housing our fine and performing arts classes and the playhouse, the building is also currently home to:

Campus printing services

English, writing, and communication courses

Continuing and professional education courses

Our mass media/multimedia degree program, classrooms, and courses

Wingspan, our award-winning student newspaper

LCCC’s information technology services and our entire IT infrastructure

LCCC’s public relations and marketing offices

Now almost 40 years old, the building and its facilities are in dire need of an update. Most crucially —

  • The building and its facilities fail to meet coding requirements for ADA compliance, which means the building does not easily or safely accommodate the needs of people with disabilities
  • Climate control and air handling aren’t functional because of the building’s failing, outdated HVAC system
  • The building lacks adequate electrical capacity, ventilation, lighting, safe work space (for large-scale projects) and heating, restricting the School of Arts and Humanities from teaching any painting, 2-dimensional, or 3-dimensional courses requiring oil paints; any woodworking as part of sculpture or framing; and any metalworking beyond jewelry
  • Lack of scene shop space and storage restricts the college from offering courses in stage lighting and set design; this creates gaps within our freshman- and sophomore-level programming, inhibiting program articulations with the University of Wyoming and other options within the region
  • Lack of soundproofing and sound baffling in all practice rooms, classrooms, and performance rooms presents notable aural health concerns for students and faculty within the Music program

To view the full project feasibility study (including ​additional renderings, the overall floor plan, and more), click here (PDF).

Though we do make the best use of the venues we currently have, each presents its own unique set of limitations due to size/capacity.

The Playhouse

Built in the 1970s, this is a thrust configuration black-box theatre with a maximum seating capacity of 90.

The Center for Conferences and Institutes

Our suite of conference rooms that, when set up in its largest configuration, seats up to 300. As this is a flat-floor design, it isn’t the most desirable in terms of visibility for speakers, performances, etc.

The Pathfinder Ballroom

Our divisible meeting space, complete with a kitchen, in the Pathfinder building. Also a flat-floor design, visibility is an issue for speakers and large groups.


We know what you’re thinking…

“If those spaces on campus don’t work, why can’t you just rent the Civic Center, or another venue in town?”

We can rent outside facilities—and we do—but we continually struggle with the financial and logistical challenges that come with reserving and using these spaces.

If we’re able to create a space of our own on campus (as we propose to do with the 400-seat auditorium), these challenges are quickly eliminated.

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